IMG_2255b“Warm Greetings to all, I am here to be of service! I knew at an early age that I wanted to serve all of humanity as well as the earth, and the cosmos. I’ve been blessed to serve with my hands, heart, and mind in alignment through massage/ bodywork, energy work, and Mayan calendar readings/teachings.”

Will received his Practitioner of Healing Arts Degree from Windemere Institute of Healing Arts in 2005. His studies included learning 8 different bodywork/energy work modalities. Will has received continuing education focusing upon Thai Massage along with completing advanced studies in Neurovascular Therapy with its founder Cathy Holway.

Will trained in learning a shamanic energy therapy system referred to as: Biological Alchemy for two lunar years (2007-2009). Will credits this with increasing both his internal healing and ability to work in a multidimensional way with others.

During this cycle of life Will was introduced to the Mayan Calendar, known as the Cholq’ij/Tzolkin (Sacred count of Days). Will credits the calendar as being the first Calendar to resonate with himself, the Earth, and Cosmos around and within him.

“All life is acknowledged with this count for it represents a living cosmos around and within me, hence “as above so below”.

Will trained with Mayan Daykeeper/Educator Carlos Barrios and his partner Adriana Rojas in 2011. In 2012 Will had the sweet honor to connect with Mayan Elder:Tata Pedro Cruz Garcia “Tata” and Mayan Daykeeper/Shaman: Shumantla Fenix Giron “Shuni” great brother and sister of the one universal family.

Will and Jenny studied with Tata (2012-2013) & Shuni (2012-Present) receiving their vast knowledge and wisdom of the Cholq’ij, Mayan Fire Ceremony, Mayan Mudra’s, Meaning and Application of the Sacred Calendar along with many other Mayan internal practices.

Will & Jenny were asked to be initiated as Mayan Walker’s in 2013, reverently accepting this honor at a sacred Mayan New Year Fire Ceremony. Will & Jenny walk the Mayan path honoring the integrity of the sacred calendar, dedicated to sharing its wisdom and love with humanity.

In his free time Will enjoys spending time with his sacred beautiful wife Jenny and adorable son. He loves to practice qi gong, sound healing with wind instruments, soaking in the great earth with dance, hiking, camping, and disc golf.

“Ultimately I intend to serve each client’s intention with the utmost integrity and unconditional love by holding sacred space for the highest good. Thank you for letting me serve you and thanks to all my teachers and ancestors.

Maltiox (Thank You in K’iche Maya)”