Portrait of calm woman sitting in pose of lotus in natural environment

As humans, trauma is often an inevitable part of navigating life. As a result of traumatic early childhood experiences, attachment disruption, acute accidents, medical procedures, pervasive stressors, etc. we may hold patterns of imbalance in our bodies. As a result, parts of the brain that connect mind and body become disrupted and we are left with a sense of overwhelm in our nervous system. Over time, our bodies may no longer feel like a comfortable and safe part of ourselves to inhabit.

The disruption experienced in our nervous system may manifest as symptoms of anxiety, depression, panic, hyper-vigilance, hyper-arousal, nightmares, flashbacks, self-harm, addiction, chronic pain, relational disconnection, etc.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga is a means of gently inviting trauma survivors to engage in the process of feeling safe, owning every part of their physical body. The objective of Trauma-Sensitive Yoga is not to access emotions or dredge up trauma memories. The intention is to help participants heighten their body awareness: to notice what is happening inside their bodies, learn to release tension, reduce and control fear and arousal, tolerate sensation, and gain a sense of feeling comfortable and safe in their bodies in the here and now. As participants learn to recognize, tolerate, and regulate physical responses the capacity to regulate emotion grows.

A Trauma Sensitive Yoga session or small group invites participants to experiment with a series of gentle forms along with awareness of breath and sensation. The teacher offers everything as an invitation; you will get to practice yoga on your terms. This is a safe space for one to reconnect with their body. The instructor will not offer physical assists or be walking around the room; rather offering verbal assists if needed. Prior yoga experience is not needed as multiple variations are offered where participants from one moment to the next choose their level of participation. Together we will practice noticing sensations, making choices, and taking action.

Currently I see small private groups referred from agencies or individuals referred by therapists for one-to-one classes.


60 min one-to-one session = $70
60 min small group: Rates vary on size, duration, and purpose requested

** Trauma Sensitive Yoga is not a substitute for ongoing mental health services; clients advised to be working with a trauma informed therapist